81777-89-1 / 617-258-0     

Molecular formula / Molecular weight

C12H14ClNO2 / 239,7

Mode of Action and uses.

Clomazone is a selective isoxazolidinones systemic herbicide that is absorbed by roots and shoots and translocated upwards.

It is very flexible having a broad spectrum of activity on monocots and dicots weeds.

Clomazone is used in pre-emergence of the weeds and in pre-emergence/early post-emergence of the crop on Cotton, Maize, Oil seed rape, Potato, Pulses, Rice, Soybean, Sugarcane, Tobacco, Vegetables, etc.

It acts on the carotenoids biosynthesis inhibiting deoxyxylulose 5-phosphate synthase, a key enzyme of the non-mevalonate isoprenoid pathway.


  1. Straight products: 360 g/L CS, 500 g/L EC
  2. Ready mixtures:
  • Clomazone 55 g/L + Pendimethalin 275 g/L CS – registered in Europe, on registration in other EU countries
  • Clomazone 200 + Ametryn 300 g/L EC – on registration in Brasil

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