tricyclohexyltin hydroxide
CAS RN / EC No. / Index no.
[13121-70-5] / 236-049-1 / 050-002-00-0
Molecular formula / Molecular weight
C18H34OSn / 385,2

Mode of Action and uses

Cyhexatin is an organotin non sistemic acaricide with contact action.

It is used for controlling the motile stages of a wide range of phytophagous mites (adults and larvae) on pome fruit, stone fruit, vines, hops, nuts, bush fruit, strawberries, vegetables, tomatoes, cucurbits and ornamentals.

Technical product

95% A.I. min.

Straight product Formulations

25% WP, 500 g/L SC, 600 g/L SC

Main Trademarks

Acarstin, Oxotin
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