Tradition in the Industry
Oxon has been building up top-level know-how and integration capabilities with several industries such as agrochemicals, pharmaceutical, etc, since 1970.

Autonomy inside a Multinational Group

Oxon can leverage its being extremely autonomous as a company and, however, its belonging to an important multinational like Sipcam-Oxon Group, which operates in key markets world-wide. This means it has a double advantage of being able to move quickly and at the same time it is able to make maximum use of the Group's resources for growth and development.


Compared with the giants of chemical industry, Oxon is a small company. This is to be valued as a competitive edge, since Oxon can thrive as long as it can approach its markets building on creativity. This is why our management has to be creative and able to take initiative on the markets.


One of the major factors for being competitive and successful in any industry is the capability to quickly satisfy each new need that may arise in the market today. Oxon knows this quite well and works every single day to be constantly and dynamically open to new scenarios.


Oxon provides services to other industries. As a consequence, the company is specialized in problem solving and helps its customers to successfully face any conceivable change of plans and schedules.

Product Quality

Oxon product standards of quality constantly remain high and are one of the proudest achievements of the company. Oxon's quality standards are actually endorsed by every single customer.

Ethics & Confidentiality

The most important and valued chemical groups worldwide confidently work with Oxon because they know they can count on both its quality and its services, as well as on total security of data and information processing.

Social Responsibility

Oxon cares very much about the environment and its employees, and invests as much as it cares in highly effective accident prevention, safety and transparency systems, as anyone can tell by its yearly environmental report.
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