About Us


Tradition in the Industry

Oxon has been building up top-level know-how and integration capabilities with several industries such as agrochemicals, pharmaceutical, etc., since 1970.

Autonomy inside a Multinational Group

Oxon can leverage its extreme autonomy as a company and, at the same time, the fact that it is part of the Sipcam-Oxon Group, an important multinational operating in key markets worldwide.
This means it has the double advantage of being able to move quickly and at the same time it is able to make optimal use of the Group's resources for growth and development.


Compared with the giants of the chemical industry, Oxon can react faster to the challenges of the market in continuos evolution, thanks to the creativity in product development and marketing strategies and determination in lean decision making processes.


One of the major factors in being competitive and successful in any industry is the capability to quickly satisfy each new need that may arise in the market today.
Oxon knows this very well and works on a daily basis to be constantly and dynamically open to new scenarios.


Oxon provides services to other industries.
As a consequence, the company is specialized in problem solving and helps its customers to successfully face any conceivable change to plans and schedules.

Product Quality

Oxon’s product quality standards remain constantly high and are one of the company’s proudest achievements.
Oxon's quality standards are actually endorsed by every single customer.

Ethics & Confidentiality

The most important and valued chemical groups worldwide confidently work with Oxon because they know they can count on both its quality and its services, as well as on total security of data and information processing.

Social Responsibility

Oxon cares very much about the environment and also about its employees; the company invests in line with this, in highly effective accident prevention, safety and transparency systems.

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Mezzana Bigli Plant
The main production site is located in Mezzana Bigli (PV), Italy, and covers an area of 600.000 square meters of which 100.000 are industrialized.
This production site, which produces overall around 20,000 tons per year, was the first in Italy to obtain UNI 10617 (Safety Management Systems) certification, to which it has added the ISO 9001 certificate.

On the same site, Oxon has constructed an electrical power plant with the capacity to produce 9MW of electrical energy from the combustion of vegetable oils and animal fats.

Affiliated Company Plants in China

Italian production and know-how are also supported by manufacturing capability and expertise of Sulichem and Taizhou Bailly in synthesis of active ingredients and formulation of plant protection products.



OXON’s industrial strategy never loses sight of the concepts of sustainable development and growth.

With regard to safeguarding the environment and ensuring safety, OXON has developed a QHSE polilcy, a management system to improve environmental and safety performances, has signed the charter of Principles for Environmental Sustainability by Confindustria and participates in voluntary initiatives such as SET (Emergency Transport Service) and Responsible Care.

Responsible Care

Responsible Care is the Chemical Industry’s global voluntary initiative under which Companies, through their national association, work together to continuously improve their health, safety and environmental performance, and to communicate with stakeholders about their products and processes.

Since the implementation of Responsible Care in Italy in 1992, OXON has complied strictly with all Responsible Care rules and has taken advantage of every opportunity leading to improvements in conditions regarding the health of workers, the safety of the surrounding community and the safeguarding of the environment.
Following the spirit of Responsible Care, whenever an objective is achieved the Company promptly identifies and follows up on new ways of obtaining even better performances

Quality / Certifications

The objective of our quality policy is to guarantee the very best levels of customer satisfaction, obtained by providing the highest quality. Oxon production units comply with ISO 9001 certification.

Oxon’s Italian plant complies with Safety Management System Certification. The ultimate aim for OXON is to pursue Quality at every stage and process of production, in order to ensure the best possible products and policies for customers, farmers, partners, and distributors.