Custom Manufacturing

Oxon has 40 years of consolidated, top-level experience in the development of continuous and batch processes for organic chemical synthesis.
Our wide-ranging chemical and technological expertise allow us to develop new synthesis paths according to your specific requirements, from kilo-lab scale through the pilot demonstration, and up to full scale industrial synthesis.

Toll Manufacturing

When your business is product development and marketing, Oxon can be a key component of your outsourcing manufacturing strategy, because outsourcing is about speed, quality and economy.
We provide quick responsiveness, high-tech analytical science and passionate environmental stewardship.
And our security agreements are designed to assure your confidentiality needs are fully met.

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• Regioselective hydrogen sulfide free and hydro-alkylthio-addition to alkene and other unsaturated compounds. The chemistry of alkyl (methyl, ethyl) sulfides and thioethers
• The chemistry of Nitrogen heterocycles (Mono-, Di- and triazines, triazoles, etc.)
• The chemistry of N,O-heterocycles (oxazoles)
• C-Nucleophilic substitution at s-triazines
• The chemistry of Glycerol derivatives
• Aromatic and aliphatic diazotization
• The chemistry of carbon disulfide and sulfonyl chlorides
• The chemistry of acyl and alkyl chlorides
• Isooxazolidinones formation and reactions
• The chemistry of carbamates and thiocarbamates
• The chemistry of thiotriazines and other thio-heterocycles
• The chemistry of dialkyl-dithio carbonates
• The chemistry of cyanuric chloride
• The chemistry of N-aryl-amides
• Grignard chemistry


• Chlorination and chlorooxidation
• Diazotisation
• Oxygen and nitrogen heterocycles by cyclizations of bidentate compounds
• C-nucleophilic substitution at nitrogen heterocycles
• Carbon disulfide derivatives technologies
• Continuous grignard coupling technology
• Technologies with methanesulfonic acid and methanesulphonic chloride
• Technologies with cyanuric chloride
• Dialkyl-dithio carbonates in organic synthesis of fine chemicals
• Organic intermediates based on carbon monoxide and sulfur