Oxon has in-depth knowhow in developing continuous innovation in chemical processes. This means safer, more reproducible and more cost-effective industrial processes.


Oxon's R&D activity has obtained several original patents in Europe and throughout the world.
The development of a chemical process is a complex procedure and includes the following stages. The process can be brought to the industry if every stage is successful.

Prior art searches in patents and scientific literature
(using on-line data banks).

Preliminary evaluation
of feasibility and cost/benefits ratio.

Evaluation of risks and safety,
with innovative solutions in case of potentially dangerous reactions or products.

Evaluation of environmental impact,
focusing attention on the atom economy of the synthesis, the minimization of waste, and the development of effective waste treatment processes.

Scale-up and development.

Plant design.

Analytical Research

During each stage of development, it is critical to develop suitable analytical methods to monitor the flow of raw materials, intermediates, by products and final products. That is why one branch of our R&D department is entirely dedicated to the analytical research & development, with tools to apply various analysis techniques such as titrations, GC, GC-MS, HPLC, HPLC-MS, UV-VIS, FT-IR, DSC, NMR and XPRD.

Superior Know-how

Superior analytical know-how gives not only complete knowledge of reaction mechanisms and process optimization capabilities, but also the actual ability to market the very high-purity products that are required by two critical targets such as agricultural chemicals and fine chemicals.
This structure also allows the R&D department to ensure that adequate support is given to industrial manufacturing as well as to specific customer needs concerning product quality.