Lambda cyhalothrin

Main Crops

Soybean, cereals, maize, fruit and vegetables, potato, cotton, oilseed rape, sugarcane, sugarbeet.



Mode of action

Lambda cyhalothrin is a non-systemic insecticide that has contact and stomach action, and repellent properties; it gives rapid knockdown and lasting residual activity.

Site of action

Paralysis to the insects by keeping the sodium channels open in the neuronal membranes of an organism.


Foliar (Sparviero) and soil (Trika & Ercole)


Wide spectrum of insect pests, (aphids, Colorado beetles, Thrips, Lepidoptera larvae, Coleopteran larvae and adults, etc), insect borne plant viruses.

Molecular formula / Molecular weight

C23H19ClF3NO3 / 449,9


Straight products
a. Lambda cyhalothrin 100 g/L (CS)
b. Lambda cyhalothrin 0,4% (GR)

Main Trademarks

Sparviero, Ercole, Trika Expert, Pointer