Main Crops

Potato, vegetables, vine.



Mode of action

Cymoxanil is a penetrant fungicide with protectant and curative activity. Its post-infection activity stops the development of the fungus during the incubation. Local systemic action: it is able to penetrate the crop leaf and improves the effectiveness of companion fungicides, especially during periods of intensive disease pressure.Alone, it has a very short period of activity: two days at most. Therefore It is used in two-, or in three-way mixtures with protectants and/or systemic fungicides.

Site of action

It inhibits different metabolic processes and promotes the natural defenses of the plant.




Peronosporacee (Phytophthora, Plasmopara, and Peronospora).

Molecular formula / Molecular weight

C7CI10N4O3 / 198,2


1. Straight products
a. Cymoxanil 45% (WG)
b. Cymoxanil 50% (WG)
2. Ready mixtures
a. Cymoxanil 4% + Mancozeb 40% (WP) 
b. Cymoxanil 4,5% + Mancozeb 65% (WP)
c. Cymoxanil 6% + Mancozeb 70% (WP)
d. Cymoxanil 4,5% + Mancozeb 65% (WG)
e. Cymoxanil 2,85% + Copper oxychloride 16% + Phosethyl Al. 30% (WG)
f. Cymoxanil 50  g/L+  Chlorothalonil 375 g/L (SC)
g. Cymoxanil 33% + Zoxamide 33% (WG)
h. Cymoxanil 200 g/L+ Fluazinam 300 g/L (SC)

Technical product

97% A.I. min.

Main Partners

Chlorothalonil, Zoxamide, Fluazinam

Main Trademarks

Lieto, Grecale, Vitene triplo R, Zetanil, Vitene, Mixanil